MTA Philosophy

To fully understand the requirements of clients as well as institutions after deep market analysis 
and serve them with the highest level of services by delivering top quality food stuffs.

To be recognized as a leader in the industry with a well-integrated food service operations, 

thereby responding to the unique requisites of clients in an efficient and timely manner.


MTA Mission


As the top priority of its growth parameters lays being excellent.MTA Global Group
endeavors to provide clients with quality name-brand products at extremely affordable rates.

Our Services

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Food & Beverages Trading

With our clients’ base and the growing market share which makes us one of the leading food trading companies in DOHA-QATAR,

MTA Global Group can be involved in reselling of canned, preserved and frozen foodstuff, or any of the items mentioned in this category.

Foodstuff Supply

Our operations at MTA Global Group include supplying, by contracts, fresh 

or canned foodstuff to other entities for direct consumption or for industrial use.

Foodstuff Supply is the core of our business.Our experts have selected 

the best producers and developed the experience necessary to guarantee a quick service at competitive prices.

Privileges and measures of safety

Our strong point is managing the delivery at a controlled temperature of non-frozen food and high-quality of frozen one, according to a rigorous safety system. 

We take care of national and international transport as well as of the distribution and stocking of high products. 

We also carefully select the products that we present our clients, trusting in reliable partners, 

leaders in their area, in possession of certifications to guarantee the product's high quality.

We are pleasantly delighted with the developed product and the dedicated customer care staff.

Mohamed Taher Ali

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